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Alex Lam plays the role of "Mr Sunshine' to remind you to take Redoxon on all occasions. Whenever seasonal temperature changes, overtime working at office or before staycation, Mr. Sunshine will show up and give you a friendly reminder.

In the second phase, we have created the 'Team Redoxon ' (維D出力幫) to suggest you what can be done to strengthen your lung health. All of us have been in the Covid-19 pandemic since 2019, people are more aware of protecting the health of the whole family. We have invited Alex Lam, Terrance Lau and Chu Fun to suggest the ways to strengthen your lung health, like doing yoga, working out at home and saying Tongue Twisters. And of course, they will also remind you to take Redoxon once a day and introduce the special offer.


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We have also designed 14 versions of videos for Youtube Director Mix. 
These videos are designed with different themes and will appear based on what you will watch on Youtube.
E.g. If you are going to watch a video about fashion, a fashion-themed video ad will be displayed first. It reminds you that besides caring about your external beauty, your internal health is also very important.

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