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When you search“ Hong Kong”, all you see are skylines.

As a city losing its identity, Hong Kong Tourism Board turned to those who know the city best and made them the city’s official photographers. Kickstarted by Andrew Lau, famous film director of the Infernal Affairs trilogy, he also curated the local project.


Cannes 2020 – Shortlisted

Kam Fan 2019 – Grand Kam Fan 2019

Kam Fan 2019 – Use of Digital and Social Platforms Silver

Kam Fan 2019 – Co-Creation & User Generated Content Gold

Kam Fan 2019 – Co-Creation & User Generated Content Silver

Kam Fan 2019 – Innovative Use of Social or Community Bronze

Kam Fan 2019 – Hong Kong Culture & Context – Social Behaviour and Cultural Insight Merit

Kam Fan 2019 – Best Digital Campaign Silver

Kam Fan 2019 – Best Use of Social Media Gold

Kam Fan 2019 – Best Use of Co-creation and Use Generated Content Gold

Kam Fan 2019 – Best Integrated Media Campaign Merit

Kam Fan 2019 – Best Integrated Campaign Silver

Overnight, Hong Kong’s locals became the city’s official photographers. Unknown places became must-see attractions. Over 30,000 photos were submitted. Then they were curated using Google Travel Analytics based on the top ten visitor source markets.


Using the #ReframingHK on instagram,

more than 15,000 photos are collected after 3 months.

We asked the locals to vote the photos represent Hong Kong the most.


IG Story - Version A

IG Story - Version B

These images voted by locals became the city’s official set of postcard.

100,000 postcards in 10 versions were distributed to visitors and partners across Hong Kong and oversea markets.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 4.34.14 AM.png

Next step, we send a postcard to a list of celebrities with their names related to places in Hong Kong to

invite them for a visit. For example, we might send one to David Beckham that writes

"Look further than Victoria. We have Victoria Harbour here." Or "Come visit Jordan station"

to Michael Jordan. We will also announce it on social media and other media channels overseas.

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 11.50.49 PM.png

Putting up a digital screen at the boarding gate, we allow travellers to swipe their credit card to slash open an envelope, where they will receive a random pick of a postcard from the 10 winning photos and a stamp. Write a message on the digital screen and we will send the printed version of the postcard to the designated address you have written.

Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 1.31.20 AM.png
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